Olimpia Canizal, CPSS

My name is Olimpia Canizal (she/them) I am Mexican, proud of my roots, married, mother of 2 children, my dog “Cici”, and my cat Maui. They are both part of my family and my support system. I was a client of LBHS for two years which helped me understand more about my mental health. I had the opportunity to become certified as a CPSS to acquire more knowledge and to be able to help the Latino community to become empowered and filled with resilience, which has helped me to be a better human being. I now work for LBHS since 2021 as an adult mentor, I am also a supervisor of adult mentors, and I am in charge of the office in Provo. I like going out into the mountains, traveling, learning, continuing to grow as a person, eating food from other countries, and enjoying my free time with my family.
I have a lot of passion for what I do. I want to help other people to get ahead and have a better life. I also help other parents to understand their children and learn to have better family communication.