Our Therapists

Our Board of Directors, staff, and Peer Mentors, are all people who have been affected by both mental illness and minority status. Most of us started out in LBHS by attending a class or a support group. As part of our recovery, we engage in outreach, mentorship, and education. Often, we become teachers, facilitators, presenters, mentors, therapists, or administrators who support LBHS and other social service agencies in the community. In this way, we build our own capacity and the capacity of the community to fulfill its own needs.

Teresa Molina

“Teresa Molina, PhD, LCSW (co-founder), is a peer in recovery since 1989. As part of her recovery journey, she became a social work clinician and researcher. She came to Utah in 2006, where she has worked with Salt Lake residents in different capacities. Her research interests are mental health, substance use and community practice for recovery. Her research dissertation focused on recovery from intimate abuse among Latinas in Utah. She has volunteered as an instructor for NAMI Utah, Latino Behavioral Health Services, and refugee background mutual assistance organizations. Teresa has a strong experience working in Mexico and Utah with individuals, families and local communities for recovery awareness, empowerment and recovery. She has an appointment as assistant professor/lecturer at the College of Social Work, where she currently teaches the Honor’s College Praxis Lab in Culture and Mental Health and the Block U class Arts and Advocacy. Teresa is a member of LBHS and South Valley Services boards, NAMI Latino de Utah task force, and the Salt Lake County CODA Health Subcommittee. Teresa earned her PhD and MSW degrees from the University of Utah; her MBA degree from Lake Superior State University, and her BS in Economics at UNAM”

Patricia Riano

“Patricia Riano was born in Colombia, and came to the U.S. with her family to escape violence in her country in 2001. She became interested in the topic of mental health from the perspective of a parent with an adult child who had struggled with mental health. She educated herself and her family rapidly on mental health during the process of soliciting and acquiring professional help for her child. She has volunteered as an instructor for NAMI Utah and Latino Behavioral Health Services. Patricia is a member of the LBHS board. Patricia received her MBA degree from Universidad del Rosario; her BS in Computer Science Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is currently a University of Utah MSW practicum student offering therapy at LBHS.”

Julia Martinez

“During her undergraduate education at the University of Utah, Julia Martinez (co-founder) began working with Jacqueline Gomez-Arias and Teresa Molina to form Latino Behavioral Health Services (LBHS). She recently finished her Master of Social Work at Portland State University and returned to LBHS as a Certified Social Worker. Julia brings a passion for raising awareness and reducing stigma associated with mental illness. She is most excited about working with young people who are dealing with mental health and substance use issues in the Latino community.” ”