Our Facilitators, Instructors & Presenters

Our Board of Directors, staff, and Peer Mentors, are all people who have been affected by both mental illness and minority status. Most of us started out in LBHS by attending a class or a support group. As part of our recovery, we engage in outreach, mentorship, and education. Often, we become teachers, facilitators, presenters, mentors, therapists, or administrators who support LBHS and other social service agencies in the community. In this way, we build our own capacity and the capacity of the community to fulfill its own needs.

Diana Aguilera

Diana has been with LBHS for 3 years. She is the Peer Programs coordinator, a “Peer to Peer” and “Progressions” facilitator as well as a QPR teacher. She also coordinates the Annual Peer Conference for the state of Utah. She recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors in Social Work.

Leticia Frias (co-founder)

“Leticia Frias (co-founder), “Lety” comes to us from Mexico. She is a Mother of 6 and a young Grandma of 8. She is a family member of someone with special needs and active in programs like NAMI’s signature program “De Familia a Familia” as State Trainer and LBHS’s “Grupo De Apoyo al Familiar”. Lety is a graduate of the Westside Leadership Institute and has led efforts to bring public presentations and events to the Community about Mental Health Awareness. She is currently working on her Case Manager Certificate from the University of Utah, College of Social Work and is trained in Mental Health First Aid and as a Certified Peer Support Specialist for the State of Utah. Lety is a Certified Peer Support Specialist”

Patricia Riano

“Patricia Riano was born in Colombia, and came to the U.S. with her family to escape violence in her country in 2001. She became interested in the topic of mental health from the attitude of a parent with an adult child who had struggled with mental health. She had to learn how to educate herself and her family rapidly on mental health during the entire process of soliciting and acquiring professional help for her child. She has volunteered as an instructor for NAMI Utah, and Latino Behavioral Health Services. Patricia is a member of LBHS board. Patricia received her MBA degree from Universidad del Rosario; her BS in Computer Science Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia; and is currently a University of Utah MSW practicum student offering therapy at LBHS.”

Shirley Madrigal

“Born in Mexico, Shirley Madrigal arrived in the state of Utah in 2001. Thanks to a NAMI conference on suicide she met LBHS. After learning about the resources and services at LBHS, she became interested in getting involved. Shirley started supporting the office and doing intakes. She has attended trainings NAMI trainings including “BRIDGES” Education Program, “Peer to Peer” and “Family to Family.” She is now a Certified Peer Support Specialist, a Family Resource Facilitator, and the creator and director of Corazón de Mujer Utah - a Development, Growth and Empowerment Program for Women. Shirley is preparing for her upcoming Westside Leadership Institute and Case Work Manager certifications. She continues to attend training for her development and personal, emotional and professional growth and thus empower, provide support and quality service to the Latino community.”

Diana Ballesteros

“Diana has been with LBHS since its creation. She is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and a Peer to Peer teacher. Diana is the Peer Support Group facilitator. ”

Carla Astorga

“Carla Astorga is a mother of two children that she loves with all her heart. She lives in the countryside surrounded by nature. Her favorite season is winter, and she loves snow. Carla came to LBHS looking for emotional support, and started attending a support group here a few years ago. Little by little she recovered and learned. Carla is now trained as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, a Case Manager, a Peer Support Group Facilitator, and as an instructor in “Question Persuade and Refer,” “Mental Health First Aid,” and the NAMI Educational Program "Peer to Peer." Carla is at LBHS because she thinks mental health and emotional well-being are important. One of Carla's biggest goals in her work at LBHS is that people can learn through themselves to have a better quality of life.”

Alberto Zarate

“Alberto Zarate is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, and an instructor for the NAMI courses "Peer to Peer " and " Progression.” He is a graduate of the Westside Leadership Institute, and is the LBHS Peer Support Group Facilitator.

Olimpia Alanis

“Olimpia Alanis is married with 4 children. She is a housewife, a student and a volunteer at LBHS. Olimpia has been part of Al-anon groups for 6 years. She studied Psychology at the Salt Lake Community College and received training to facilitate support groups, to teach “CRAFT” and “Family to Family” and suicide prevention classes. Olimpia is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and a Family Resource Facilitator. For her, LBHS has been a step towards her own recovery. Her goal is to be able to share her own experience with people who are going through a difficult situation and give them a little of what has been given to her.”

Griselda Santuario

“Griselda Santuario came to the United States in 1997 and moved to Utah in 2001. She started at LBHS by taking the Family to Family class in 2011. Griselda has been supporting LBHS for three years as a peer mentor, a Family Resource Facilitator, a “Family to Family” and “Basics” facilitator, and as our family programs coordinator.”

Zulie Gamez

“Zulie Gamez is a “Peer to Peer” teacher from Mazatlan and has been in the USA for 23 yrs. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix, certification as a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) and the Human Resources Management certification from Utah State University,.”

Paquita Bedoya

Paquita has been with Latino Behavioral for several years. She is a mother of a child with a mental illness. Paquita is a “Family to Family” and “Basics” teacher. She is also a facilitator for the Family Support Group.”

Teresa Molina

“Teresa Molina, PhD, LCSW (co-founder), is a peer in recovery since 1989. As part of her recovery journey, she became a social work clinician and researcher. She came to Utah in 2006, where she has worked with Salt Lake residents in different capacities. She has volunteered as an instructor for NAMI Utah, Latino Behavioral Health Services, and refugee background mutual assistance organizations. Teresa has a strong experience working in Mexico and Utah with individuals, families and local communities for recovery awareness, empowerment and recovery.”

Felipe Rivera

“Felipe is a “Family to Family” teacher as well as a Family Support Group facilitator.”

Veronica Zavala

“Veronica Zavala was born in Mexico. She has been involved in the community since 2010 in Utah. Veronica has an Associate's Degree of Social Work from the Salt Lake Community College. She is doing her practicum at Latino Behavioral Health Services (LBHS) to complete her bachelor's degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. Veronica is collaborating in Latino Behavioral with intakes, in the office and helping with community outreach. She is in training to help with “Peer to Peer” and other classes and support groups at LBHS.”

Maritza Liddiard

“Maritza Liddiard is a 61 years old widow who came to LBHS by direct invitation from Jacqueline Gomes-Arias, one of the founders. She had depression, anxiety and PTSD. As a result she attempted suicide as a way of dealing with losses in her life. A long time has passed since then, and with the help of medication, therapy and mentoring she is stable in her recovery and trained to be a mentor to help others. Now she is working with the organization as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, doing intakes and mentoring people with the same conditions that troubled her. She has been trained as Suicide Prevention Trainer and facilitates the “Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA)” support group and the Peer to Peer support group. Maritza also acts as an interpreter for meetings or conferences.”

Luis Baca

Luis has been involved with LBHS for many years. He is a “Peer to Peer” teacher and a Peer Support Group Facilitator.

Reyna Santuario

Reyna Santuario is a Family Resource Facilitator. She teaches “Basics”, “Family to Family” and QPR.

Morgan Lami

Morgan Lami helped to develop the LBHS program “Emotional intelligence” and she still teaches this class.

Steven Carlson

Steven Carlson came to work with Latino Behavioral Health Services following a collaboration with the University of Utah Honors College Praxis Lab. Through this program, the Praxis Lab collaborated with LBHS to establish the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program, which helps children ages 6-12 develop healthy emotional regulation strategies and resilience. Steven continues to teach the EQ class alongside fellow teachers, and strives to improve the program through continued collaboration with community partners. Steven graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Psychology.