Eustolia Cordova, CPSS

I was born and raised in Mexico, I graduated from the University of Sonora as Biological Chemist with a specialty in Clinical Analysis. I emigrated to the United States leaving behind a country, family, friends, a profession and much more, Start from scratch in an unknown country and learn a new language were some of the many challenges that, like many in our community I had to overcome. I came to Latino Behavioral looking for community resources and in 2016 I started a volunteering. Working with my Latino community is my passion. Helping families and individuals to set and achieve their own goals is a
great satisfaction. My first trainings were the NAMI Basics class, the Fundamentals class, and the state certification as Family Resource Facilitator. These trainings changed my beliefs. After that many more trainings followed. Daily learning and reading are some of the things I enjoy doing the most.

My work at Latino Behavioral allows me to enjoy working with others people like me who have a great interest in community work. I currently work as a FPSS/CPSS and have trained as a facilitator of some educational programs such as NAMI classes, CRAFT USARA and DUELO from Caring connections at the University of Utah. In my free time I like reading, walking and any outdoor activity.

Peer Support Specialist