Support Groups

LBHS offers the following free Support Groups in Spanish and English.

Unidos en La Recuperación

United in Recovery/Unidos en La Recuperación is a free support and recovery group held weekly. Here, people with mental or emotional conditions and/or substance use disorders listen and share their experiences with one another.

Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA)

Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA)” is a support group for suicide attempt survivors and families of people who have died by suicide. Through shared experiences, they find the tools they need to avoid future suicide attempts.

Corazon de Mujer Utah, Programa de Desarrollo, Crecimiento, y Empoderamiento Personal

Heart of Woman Utah/Corazon de Mujer is a free support group for the development, growth and empowerment of women. The group centers different themes and activities each week.

Family Support Group

This free support group is for family and friends of people who have depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia and other emotional or substance use disorders. Participants learn how to help their family member or friend in the different stages of their condition while caring for themselves and receiving support.


CRAFT is a family support group/class from USARA. CRAFT is free for family members and friends concerned about someone close to them who lives with a substance use disorder.

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