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The Jacqueline Gomez-Arias Peer of the Year Award
Jacqueline Gomez-Arias (co-founder of LBHS) was a tireless Certified Peer Support Specialist who advocated in the State of Utah for integrated services for mental health, substance use and suicide prevention. She was keenly aware of trauma due to multiple adverse experiences. She was a survivor of suicide attempts who advocated for culturally and linguistically responsive interventions. As part of her recovery, Jacqueline stated:

Recovery for me has involved the development and “movement” towards new meaning and purpose in my life as I grow beyond the catastrophic effects of immigration, discrimination, oppression, mental illness, substance abuse and poverty. It is a voluntary maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health, spiritual growth and citizenship!

This award will be presented to a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) nominated by other peers or an agency and selected by the Peers in Recovery Conference Committee, which is representative of consumers, families, and agencies. Self-nominations will also be accepted.

december, 2023

Want to nominate someone for the Jacqueline Gomez-Arias Peer of the Year Award?
Please get in touch with Diana Aguilera at dianaa.lbhs@gmail.com.

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