Mental health has become an intense focus of Sofia Jimenez (She/Her) in recent years. Like most of us, she’s fought through the battles of trauma and mental disorders with persistent effort. As the office manager at Latino Behavioral Health Services, she sees first-hand the amazing impact this organization does in our community by supporting and engaging with those who struggle. In organizing the day-to-day for the office, she follows her purpose: to provide a better service, break the mental health stigma, and help the organization grow. Her experience in leadership and sales in various industries and even different countries, gives her valuable insight and empathy for those who reach out for support, as well as the coworkers that surround her. When she is not working, Sofia can be found spending time with her Maltese dog, Briza and her family. She enjoys dancing and singing wherever there is some Latin music playing. Growing up in the Caribbean gave her that sense of warmth and energetic personality. Even though her family and her came to the United States from Cancun recently in 2021, for her it quickly became a safe haven to call home.

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